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Having a hard time finding the right spot to grind on your current level on Ragnarok Online 2? Our site Author Mazarrin shares to us a grinding spot guide for different levels in-game. A must-read for Ragnarok Online 2 Guide for newbies in need of guidance on how and where to level faster. Big thanks goes out to Mazarrin for sharing this guide here in Kyubz.


monster-location-map-150x150 RO2 LEVELING SPOT GUIDE

By: Mazarrin

7-9: Bluish green bandits hangout.

Note: They are easy to kill with relatively low gear and skill but give out good xp. Best of all, they drop lvl 10 novice equipment that you can not buy in stores. Amongst other things, they drop earings, necklaces, belts and a panoply of headgear. For first timers, this will also be a good spot to make your fist couple of zenny and if you are lucky, much more.

10-12: Merman island.

Merman island is an excellent spot for both a novice or newly changed job class. Mermen are harder to kill then BGB but will drop lvl 2 red potions regularly letting you keep ahead of the curve. They also drop gear for every job at lvl 10 once again this is gear you can not buy in stores only AH. Unlike BGB this is where you will gain a lot of money. I easely broke past 20 zenny by selling various drops in AH while taking what I needed as gear. It can get a little troublesome finding the right gear for your job but it is usually worth the wait. Expect to see some aquamarine and a couple of agues drop eventually. By lvl 12, your job should be able to kill them with no trouble even take 2 at once, unless you are a novice.

PS: I stayed till lvl 13 just for all the drops.

Need help on your quests? Check out the Ragnarok Online 2 Hodemimes Quest Guide.


ro2shot_20080731_06155278-2-copy1-150x150 RO2 LEVELING SPOT GUIDE

By: Mazarrin

IMPORTANT NOTE: Start collecting Very small red and blue stones from monsters.

Hodemimes was a great place to introduce you to the world of Ragnarok online and it is there you should have experimented with various jobs and skills. Hopefully by now you know where you are going but unfortunately, grinding in Hodemimes stops once you reach level 13 since grinding in Caves of Emir is not a mart idea (Lots of aggro and bugs). You could get to level 14 by grinding on merman and finishing all the quest until lvl 15 but if you are anything like me, you will feel that questing is a waste of time and you will want to fight monsters again and again.

South of Prontera: 13-14
Great, you now have gotten at lvl 13 or 14 for the more perseverant ones and want to level some more, head to Prontera via the Hodemimes harbor or ask an NPC to warp you there, save your way point in Prontera and head south for the exit. Once you out on Prontera south field you will notice some old favorite ones such as lunatics and Porings but don’t bother with those, keep going down until you reach a billboard and find yourself some “midgar gray mouse” these guys will be hard to fight at first and they don’t give enough XP for their difficulty but more then compensate with a good drops and a lot of weapon XP. Even if you started at lvl 14 you will want to get a weapon lvl here. Expect to find a cuple of moonstones, headgear items and bleu gear.

Note: on your board there is a grinding quest involving these, take it.

South of Prontera: 14-15
Now that you fought off these mince its time for some fast lvling, head south of the mince near the beach, you will find a rest station and some Potemkin. The Potemkin bugs are a fast kill especially with skills that ignore armor, they don’t drop equips as often but still offer good drops. You can find some quest involving them but I suggest you do them after you get your lvl as most of the quests will require you to walk around town, and we don’t want that.

South of Prontera: 15-16
You have a load of choices, south of Prontera is filled with monsters from lvl 14 to 16 just waiting to fall at your blade. Head south west near the south west exit, you will find White sheep, Milk Cow, Spore and Dospore (spores uglier more toxic cousin). you should experiment with what monster your class is beast suited for, Milk cows are good for anyone using ranged damage even though I found my thief to be dealing them a whole lot of damage. Dospore are good for close combat classes who can take some hits like the swordsman, try taking on the higher lvl ones (lvl 16).

note: if neither of these suits your taste, you have a beach full of long Vadon and marines but be prepared to use some red potions since these guys have good dodge and deal high damage.

Go Back !

It’s time to go back to novice :(

Novice skills are an important asset in RO2 and at lvl 15-16 you get some nifty new gear. Classes like the thief and the clown have high benefits from it, “insight strike”, Quick Blow” and “Mastery of Kings” increase your damage per combat significantly. Quick Blow is used to gain fast LP while Insight strike can dish out a whole lot of damage, an excellent combination with Back stab. Mastery of kings will increase your core damage and let you take on monsters higher lvl then you could before.

Tip: if you truly want your novice to lvl fast, try taking on monsters 3-4 lvls higher then you job lvl. An other good way is to have a lot of red potions II to compensate for resting. This will be much more boring and tedious then lvling your thief or clown but stick with it, it pays off later on.

Tip: Remember when I said to collect very small red stones and blue stones, well this is where it pays off. Go see the Prontera blacksmith and open his trade menu, you will see him selling parasite stones, theses stones are exactly what they sound like, parasites, but with benefits. They are stones that attach themselves on your equipment but not your weapons. each stones has a specific ability, +2 on short range attack, +6 to Magic attack +1 on attack speed etc… you can gave one stone on each peice of equipement, meaning over 5 stones and getting that extra attack is quite the boost especially after you got those novice skills up.

Tip: Grinding is the ONLY way to lvl your weapon but items such as augues and altar stones can help boost its attack strenght or simply make it look cool. The stronger your weapon is the faster you can kill opponant and the faster you can lvl.

Tip: for mele classes it is good to keep your novice’s quick blow, it is what I call an instant attack, it only deals 75% of your weapon damage but can be use as the thief’s duble attack on any class. Because this skill has no pre loading animation it does not influence on your regular attacks thus if you where to use it right after your attack it creates a duble attack without delaying your attack speed.

South West Field of Prontera: 17-18

Now you are all beefed up and nobody in south of Prontara can stand again your mighty blade its time to move on. This time, we move to south west of Prontera, to get there simply take the west(left) passage in the southern prontera field but before you do that stalk up on potions, at least 80 lvl 2 red potions and make sure your skils are up to date. Here you will find wolves, lvl 20 and 19 who tend to be dificult to fight at first, you will most likely use up 2 potions each fight and 3 to heal up but lucky for us, potions are cheap and wolved give twice as much xp as would drops (the other alternative). Wolves drop some nice equipement and quest tiems (for headgers) they also drop rare minerals that are used to traid rare augues (more on that later).

Note: not every class will be able to take theses on, Clowns will most likely still be fighting Milk cows or drops while thieves, enchanters and swordsman will love wolves, as for recruits, it’s up to the player, recruits can kill much faster milk cows compare to wolves but will not gain as much xp over time, on the otehr hand, they will not waste money on potions.

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