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This very detailed Ragnarok Online 2 Swordsman Guide was created and submitted by Bruno de Sousa Rodrigues A.K.A. Roso on KRO2 server. The guide is based on the Korean server so there is no guarantee that all of the things said here is useable on the upcoming english servers. There is a good chance however that the english server wil have limited differences with the korean server so this guide might still be useful there. Before I give you the RO2 Swordsman Guide, I would like to once again clarify to everyone that I (sirshatterstar) am not the author of this guide. Bruno de Sousa Rodrigues is the author and all credits goes to him. If you find this guide useful, leave a comment and thank him for it. Enjoy!


Strong Points:Good Atk, Can protect entire party, High HP and High Def, can Stun as
thief and recruits

Weak Points:Low Hit, depend on armor sometimes.

Leveling Guide:

First enjoy the game, do some quests and, right when you get tired of it as everyone else… start leveling your swordsman in lighthouse isle, do always waste money to level Like spending your entire money on pots and swift pots… buy them on heal station of fields. This all cuz… while you lv up, you can kill stronger enemies and stronger enemies drop better items to sell, so saving money is not a good option.

The really best way to lv is to party up with diferent classes… but i will give a guide for lonely type people.

lv 6 - 10 - lighthouse island
lv 9,10 - 15 - Dospores, potemkins, cows in prontera south field, there is a good spot west of it
lv 15,16 - 21 - fungus - southwest field of prontera , in the swamp.
lv 21,22 - 28 - you can kill wild twitters on cognito west field… but raise your hit, look in the tips and tricks.
lv 28,29 - 33 - try swootwormer in cognito west field , but for that you got read tips and trickys… in cognito east field try wild gremlins also ( i dont remember well the name but its a gremlin that is red ).

lv 33 - 34 - try crows and nunlif soldiers in mari trench its also in cognito east field.

lv 34 - 43 - try forest of echoes ! that place rocks.. there you start again to gain fast lvl, there seek for an npc that sells quests , he is near the heal station woman… once you do.. there are several quests you can buy from them, try the quests with these enemies, pudilongs, nanis, ghost work ant, soldier ant. Once you
use the quests they will ask for the items… the quests will always be available for you 2 lvs below the monster lv like pudilongs come in lv 36 and 37 so the quest can be done in lv 34 … just have a look =P.

lv 43 - lv 68 - THE FAMOUS AND OUTSTANDING EVER GOOD EXP FOR THE REST OF THE GAME is a idiot freaky bunny called francoou… that lives in alfheim forest… right now is where i am lving and killing like crazy for miserable xp everyday ( that is cuz i am lv 85 xD ). they will give good exp for you ever… but once lv 68 it will be no more good exp and new enemies can be killed for more exp.

lv 69 - 80 - ……………………………………… be ready for the most scare times of your lives xD… you will need to kill the nightmares of enchanters and maybe the nightmare of all other classes… this one is called… those ridiculous mobs of ro1… Willow ! Well, dont get scared if other class got killed by them with a single blow.. cuz these ones… are really monsters… they hit me that have a 313 def with 3k and 200 damage in critical oO… so be careful with them… i will place the tatic to kill them in the tips place. their home is alfheim Dungeon… in the very south of it… there are 3 good spots for them… one right now is mine =P

lv 80 - 83 - Platoons - nunlif dungeon… another stronger mob for a melee class to face.. their damage is the same as willows but they got almost the double hp willow got and can sacrifice hp ( your exp also will be droped ) when they use their atk skill…

lv 84 - 99 ??? - francoous… ducks quests ( alfheim poro island ) , alfheim dungeon quests… the truth is .. once you reach this lv… you will already be able to create a guide like me and maybe even teach me a thing or 2 xD. truth is that the best way to get lv now… is to make a party and go do quests.


Reminder: This Ragnarok Online 2 Swordsman Guide is brought to you by Bruno de Sousa Rodrigues


Useful Skills:

Their good skills are the hp recovery skill that makes for each hp you have… it will be raised by 50%… also another good one is defence mastery skill which can give you like 122 def points in the lv 9 skill book and the amazing shield charge and mocking blow… these skills rocks. Shield Charge stun the enemie for a great period of time and mocking blow… can hit from afar and its like a magnum break… hit the enemies nearby as well.. but more damage for whom is not hit directly.

Tips and tricks: Ok… grab a paper… a pen… or open your notepad… its time for more things…
I think when Mazarrin spoke about doubling atking… if i understand well he was talking about the delay save we can have by using one skill right after we normal atk… its not actually a double atk .. but it really saves a good time and your damage will increase really well… i will tell you my shortcut first and why i use
it like that.

1 internal injury , 2 appeal symphaty or quick blow , 3 quicken atk , 4 insight strike ( novice skill ), 5 corageous assault, 6 magnum break , 7 poking or sp restorative potion, 8 charge atk, 9 mastery of kings ( novice skill ) , 10 or 0 provoke , “-” hp pots , “=” shield charge

well not everyone knows but you can use “alt” and “ctrl” commands as well i use alt ones… so … by holding alt place… alt+1 shield charge, alt+2 swift pot , alt+3 mocking blow , alt + 4 hp potion , alt + 5 heroic vision , and damn.. i place this one and everyone laughts.. if a damn korean ( and i am not talking bad of them.. you cant just comunicate well with them that is why the “damn” ) get near your spot and try to make problems with you.. place a emotion that is come over (alt + 6 ) … so your char will make a emotion that will call him.. then direct the man that cant understand you to a other spot and then emotion ok with alt+7 and place a “?” …pray for this to work !

Ok if you can.. follow this combo so you can save lp and as well give good damage:

Combo : 1 4 3 5 1 3 alt+3 1 3 alt+3 1 4 3 5 1 3 ( and continue like this ) anyway… only really strong enemies resist to this type of atk… most of times you need heal your hp and do that when you will do mocking blow… cuz it consumes much sp, and most of times you will run out on it. Use the appeal symphaty on stronger enemies and add the quick blow to weaker enemies when you are massave killing for quests

Using Shield charge perfectly: Well a good perfect way is to start using this on the enemie… to use this skill you need have a long sword and change stance to defensive stance.. but that takes a little of time… so … or you start with this skill when many people already started the atking.. or… you use it right before the enemie atk again.. cuz stunning it.. you will make him lose the atking time.. got practice to make it work.. do this to atk with shield charge quickly: Right after you made one atk… type the change stance button which is at the left of “1″ , then hold alt and press 1 … right after retype the change stance button and go on atking again. GOOD LUCK o/ !

Mocking blow secret: mocking blow is a skill that can be used from afar as told… and the good thing about it is that saves the swordman the work to have a rifle… and then you can have better atk skills like tension and appeal symphaty… also when you first atk and agressive enemie.. it disables their skills to call for
backup… so … its only you against him… enjoy =).

About raising hit and else: well for any swordman… the hit is your problem .. so cuz of that… try to use gloves that start with name “repulse”… they give a great amount of hitrate… but also do this…

if you are starting.. the great problem of high lv people like me… is to gain exp.. so go to alfheim or cognito cities and scream on chat …. HEY HIGH LV PEOPLE i can place bonus for you !! for 50 z only i stay like 2 hours for you for gaining bonus… so probably anyone will accept really your help… place you in party , you will gain even more money then 100 z for the help you are giving and even… you will lv .. your wep… really fasttttt. rising wep lv makes you able to change alters stones in defence shop… so doing that seek alter stones that will raise your hit =).. if you need give me bonus just pm me write on chat “/w Roso” - only in Korean Ragnarok Online 2 Server - then send a message… i pay 100z for each bonus for each 30 min

As well you could see in the combo part… some skills of sword are also of novice… so.. you will need to lv up novice.. try to make a party with a friend, be a novice while he is other class.. you can help him well also, and… with swordman… use a Long Sword… i believe and from as far i as know.. its better to restore your hp and as well… give better damage.


Roso’s Guide ends here for the moment. He did promised to add some more so we’ll just have to wait for his update on this very helpfull Ragnarok Online 2 Swordsman Guide! Thanks a lot for this Roso! You Rock!

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