Guide to Connecting to KRO2  

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After using the infos that i gathered from different sites on the web offering guides on how to register and play on the korean server using an english translation program, i finally got to see the log-in screen and create my very first character in the world of Ragnarok Online 2.

Below is a step by step guide on how to get into the game. Good luck and feel free to ask me anything if you get confused with something on the guide.


1. First off, you need to have the client of RO2. You need to download it and below are some of the sources that offers free download of the client.

mmosite RO2 client - you need to register first on mmosite (for free, just click on this link ) RO2 client

torrentz RO2 client - just select the one with the most seeders for fast download

2. Next thing that you will need is Applocale and an English Translation Kit

You can get Applocale from Microsoft’s site or on this link: FREEFUNFILES.COM

Once you’re done downloading Applocale, install it in your system. The installation instruction is very easy to follow so i do not need to guide you through it ayt?

Next thing that you need to do is to acquire the translation kit in order to translate the text on the korean server to English. You can download the translation patch on this site: RO2TRANS.NET

After downloading the translation kit, do not install it yet. Just leave it there for a while.

3. Open the RO2 client installer and install the game in your computer.

4. Once the client has been installed, run the game through theMicrosoft Applocale by following these instructions:


b. A new window will appear. Click on Next.

c. On the next window, make sure LAUNCH AN APPLICATION is selected, then click the BROWSE button

d. Open the folder ” RagII ” located inside the folder Gravity in your program files folder.

e. Select “Ragnarok2″ and click the OPEN button

f. Click on NEXT

g. change the language to KOREAN. The chinese character, second to the last in the list of languages.

h. Click on NEXT then FINISH.

5. The game will now update. Let it finish updating. It may take quite a while so just wait for it.

6. After the update, make a copy of your DATA folder just incase something goes wrong. Next, copy your TRANSLATION KIT to your RagII folder and extract the files inside your RagII folder. Overwrite the existing files.

7. Run the game again using APPLOCALE. just follow step 4.

8. The game will again update and after this update, you may now play a TRANSLATED RO2!


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