Created Game Private Server Ragnarok 2 With Saga  

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Hi guys,
I'm working on a sagacp version that our admin made, so now I will report here each features that I'm adding to it.


Ajax Username Check
Admin Confirmation
User Confirmation
No Confirmation
Referrer System


Url Method
Manual Method

News System

News on homepage
Write News
Edit News
Rss System


MysqlError Page
Installation scripts


July, 23 : changing engine system, using a custom one, with this you will be able to add your own plugin.

Working On
Remote Installation
Q: I'm expecting problems with links to .html pages.
A: Check that Rewrite Engine is enabled, and restore our original rewrite rules.

Download Links
Ver 2.5 DISABLED, WAIT for 2.6 ver


Pertama 2 ...

Download Kro2 nya ..

Liat Screen SHot ...

cara buat nya ...

disini ...

met membuat private ragnarok online 2 ...

Saga: the Open Source Ragnarok Online 2 server software.  

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Welcome to the official site dedicated to the Saga RO2 server software. As some of you might know, Gravity is releasing a sequel to Ragnarok Online and just like it happened with the first part of the game, people will try to recreate the server software that is used to run the official game. But we -and many like us- believe that paying monthly fee's to play a game online is not the way to go. And by creating server software people can join privately organised servers so that you can enjoy the game without being pressed by the bills coming in every month.

We are going to take a really open approach doing this, so more people can benefit from our work. Our team consists of volunteers that are willing to spend many hours a day to reverse-engineer the client, by figuring out what data is going back and forth and deciphering what its for. We are always looking for capable people to lend us a hand, so if you think you could contribute to our cause, please contact us on the forum or contact us directly.

Saga will be open source, but only after Ragnarok Online 2 goes retail. This is due to vital information Gravity might be able to act upon, and with that, create even more work for us then we already have. Please be patient and look forward to our release.

This website also contains any news about the official game too, so if you just want to take a look at all the new information, screenshots and artwork, you are also at the right address.

If you want to contribute to our project, please register here: Main Registration

Thank you,

Fuzzy, Server Administrator

* Home
* News
* Forum
* Links
* About
* Servers
* Download
* Contact
* Registration


The client has been released! Time to hack it! We still need people, so please join us!

join the irc channel!

© 2006 Saga: the Open Source Ragnarok Online 2 server software.
Created by Fuzzy, Imagius and Willyham. Special thanks to Scrappy Doo!


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Posted by Guild Shades thx To and Many More ...

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